Friday, February 17, 2012

Grass Bottle Drying Rack

'Can't Live Without' Registry Item #2 - Boon Grass Countertop Drying Rack

Even if you plan to breast feed, you'll need bottles and a drying rack. Everyone I know has this drying rack - it's really the most convenient. I know a few people that had others first and ended up getting rid of them to get this one.

Pros: Space for a lot of stuff. There's space for a LOT of stuff on this rack. We have 6 bottles and I can get all 6 (disassembled) bottles, plus both breast pump set ups onto the drying rack at once. My husband can get even more on it because he just tosses everything on there. Me... well, I'm anal and I line everything up. If you're not so anal, you can fit a lot more!
Flexibility in what it will hold. Many of the drying racks out there have stems, etc. that are meant for something specific - a bottle or whatever. To me, that seems very limiting. Bottles vary in size and shape, and it's not always just bottles you're trying to dry. Plus, the stems limit you to a very specific number of bottles you can dry at once. You can easily make more room on the grass rack if you need it.
Size. This drying rack allows you to dry so much while taking up about the same amount of space on your counter top as any other drying rack.
Esthetics. It's pretty. It reminds me of Spring and makes me happy. Cheesy? Yep. True? Yep.
Cons: ...I really can't think of any.

The rack with 5 disassembled bottles, 2 breast pump set ups, and misc. syringes, etc.

Yeah... technically it's not meant for displaying wine, but as I said, it's flexible. Don't judge!

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